Sugar Cookie

Moonshine Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookies just like Grandma used to make…sort of.


Moonshine Gingerbread

Run, run as fast as you can and get some Gingerbread moonshine before its gone!

Candy Cane

Moonshine Candy Cane

Nothing is more Christmas than a Candy Cane, unless it’s Candy Cane moonshine. Hot Cocoa will never be the same!

Prickly Pear Moonshine

Moonshine Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear juice has a beautiful hue… and so will the person next to you after a few of these.

Uncle Cecil’s Moonshine

Moonshine Uncle Cecil's Original

Cecil was a businessman with an affinity for the spirits. Not wanting to keep those in dry counties and states without a drink, he made sure to keep a cache available. Bootlegging was the crime and Federal prison was the time. Shine on!