About Us Get Know Our Story

As James A. Clark pushed cattle along the Oregon trail in 1897 he and his posse moved through the DeBeque Canyon following the Colorado River which opened up into what is referred to as the Vinelands of Palisade. At the time James raised cattle in Iowa, but after seeing the ample supply of water from the Colorado River and fertile soil in the valley, he decided to pack up his family and return to the Vinelands. It was not long after that when he planted his first peach trees in 1897 – establishing Clark Family Orchards while helping to build the nationally recognized staple of the famous Palisade Peach. Since then, the farm has expanded to include 130 acres of peaches, pears, cherries, apricots, and plums. Succeeding generations of Clarks have helped incrementally grow the farm to what it is today. Now the farm has it’s 7th generation of future farmers following the same footsteps as their ancestors.

Why Peach Brandy

Clark’s 5th generation – James Larry Clark “Grandpa Larry” was not only well known for being an elite peach farmer, but he also made damn good Peach Brandy out of his basement throughout his years. He, his daughter-in-law Staci, and his son Dennis Clark (aka “Grumpy” as he’s referred to by young 7th generation of grandsons & as “Grumpy’s Sweet Brandy Cordial” is names after), always had visions to someday open a business to distill fruit that was unfit for commercial sale into Brandy. Throughout the past 5 years Grandpa Larry’s peach brandy (made in moonshine fashion) kept making appearances in dinner time conversations until one day Chris and Mackenzie (Clark) Schmalz (Dennis & Staci’s daughter and Son-in-law) decided to commit to Larry’s dream and open a distillery. After a year and a half of battling their way through the difficulties of building a distillery business, they have successfully opened Clark and Co.’s Distilling in July of 2022.